Yablonka’s Helping Hand To School Children In Families In Need

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Everyone in Russia is celebrating the begenning of the new school year! Children, their parents and everyone at «Yablonka» Center. Yes, are happy for all those who went to school again
or for whom this school year is the very first in their lives.

The Day of knowledge is celebrated today, even though it’s traditional date is on the 1st of September. The Day of knowledge is in flowers, in the school bell, and in the eyes of parents whose children — for the very first time — went to school. It’s the beginning of a new period in many lives.

To make the celebration of the Day of knowledge really joyous, volunteers from «Yablonka» Center — participants of the «Targeted help» project — under the leadership of Vladimir Krolevetsky have visited more than 20 Families in Kaliningrad and Kaliningtrad region.

The «Targeted help» project is about helping children and families who often don’t have the basics — food, clothes or, as it was this week, — school supplies.

One of the families that our volunteers have visited is the family of Alexander and Irina Shapko. Their children have also receieved school supplies from «Yablonka».

Alexander and Irina Shapko are migrants to Kaliningrad. They have four children — doughters yana, Katya and Julia and a son Timothy.


We don’t call Shapko’s family poor or socially disfunctional. It’s a good family. But as it often happens to good families in Russia, sometimes there is just not enough money for the essentials. Alexander and Irina do everything they could to provide their children with food, clothes and a roof over their heads, but as for this new school year — Shapko’s couldn’t afford the school supplies. Our volunteers have visited this family and brought them everything children need for the school.

Look at the happy faces of these children!