You call us a kitchen for homeless, a shelter for rejected, a flophouse for street kids, a creativity lab, a school of life and even an island of hope.

No matter how you call us, when you visit us you see what we do and who we really are.

We give a bed to sleep at night for those who have no bed. We give food and hot meals to those children who usually eat irregularly or from garbage containers in the city if they eat at all. We give clothes to those kids who need it. Yes, we all those things and much more. And if you look at happy children’s faces in “Yablonka” you will see the hope.

We believe that each one of our children can become a next Pushkin, Gagarin, Perelman and even Zuckerberg.

The idea of a charitable non-governmental social center for street children was first expressed in 1995.

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Our Projects How you can help

The Kaliningrad City Committee for social issues and Social services department of Greiswald, Germany, supported this initiative.

Today, “Yablonka” (Eng: “a little apple tree”) grows and develops independantly but with the help of its friends, partners and supporters. Since we are a non-governmental center it means that we are not receiving any financial support from the State. However, the State helps us in various ways.

From the very beginning “Yablonka” gave shelter to many boys and girls, who are called street children, inner-city kids or children from socially challenged families.

During the whole year we shelter children from Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region. Here at “Yablonka” they can eat, play, sleep, do their homework, wash their clothes, or join others on a trip to a museum. In other words, if they don’t know where to go they come to us.

Since 2004 we have a full time care for homeless children. We have 14 beds for kids to live in “Yablonka” and call it “home”.
One of the most exciting times in “Yablonka” is the school time break. During the summer or winter break at school children from the surrounding city areas gather at “Yablonka” to spend quality time with other kids.

We are for the equality, that’s why we welcome also children with physical and mental disabilities.

We don’t like pretentious speeches and don’t do loud PR as others do. We don’t expect praises, allthough we can show you some honorary diplomas which are to find in our director’s room. We don’t brag with statistics, allthough we can show you our charts with some very good indicators. If you want to see all this – just give us a call or drop us a line.

We are passionate, we love these children and we want all of them, who lives in “Yablonka” today and who will come to us in the future, to become men and women worthy of respect.

In 2012, there were 130 children staying at “Yablonka”.