We Now Have A Washing Machine And A Boiler In “Yablonka”! – Thank You, Friends!

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We would like to share our joy with you. We bought a washing machine and a boiler for «Yablonka» Center! Our dear friendsHelga  and Carolin Nevermann — helped us with this. Thank you, Helga and Carolin!

Now we can wash in this washing machine kids’ clothes and bed linens, and our new boiler is now there to make hot water so that kids can wash and do dishes with hot water.

This picture is not an advertisement for Persil, LG or any other brand :) This picture is to show you our new washing machine and a boiler (and some washing powder). Here it is! The kids on this photo — Lena, Alexander, Yana, Xenia and Eugene — are former «Yablonka» kids who stayed with us for some years and now are young adults who study and work but often come to «Yablonka», to their home as they call it. This «Yablonka» crew helped with load and nload of our new appliances.
You know what else we are glad about today? — We are glad that today we can say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Carolin Nevermann! It’s so nice that on her birthday Carolin has made such a great present to «Yablonka»! Carolin, we wish you a Happy Birthday and we can’t wait to see you again in «Yablonka»! 

Once again, we say a HEARTFELT THANK YOU to our dear friends — Helga and Carolin Nevermann!