Q&A — Why Only In March 2013 Yablonka Began With Own Fundraising Activities?

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It’s always good to know that you question whatever you see and hear. Without questioning there wouldn’t have been any progress. It’s good that you ask us questions if you need to know something about «Yablonka» Center in Kaliningrad, our work, goals and finances. It’s very good. Only when we ask we receive an answer.

Some of you have asked us — what does it mean that only since March 2013 «Yablonka» Center in Kaliningrad started with own fundraising activities if «Yablonka’s» history goes back to 1995. Whywe didn’t have to worry about the fundraising back then and why we have to take care of it now? — This is the right question to ask. Here is our answer:

Beginning from 1995, from the very first day of work of the Center for minors’ social rehabilitation «Yablonka» in Kaliningrad, Russia, we had a strong sponsorship from the Lutheran church in Germany.

We are grateful to all our supporters from Lutheran congregations in Germany. It’s because of you, our dearest friends, for so many years we could help children in Kaliningrad who for some reasons were in difficult situations in their lives.

It’s because of your help, our friends from Lutheran congregations in Germany, we could provide warm meals, clothes and shoes to to children and run creativity programs. We say to all of you — Thank you very much!

In March 2013, we have found out that the Lutheran church in Kaliningrad has decided not to provide the financial support to «Yablonka» Center. Why? — perhaps, because of the optimization of expenses the Lutheran church has put its priorities to spiritual activities in the region by implementing church’s religious projects. Isn’t it the many priority for any church anywhere?

Because of these changes which happened in March 2013, «Yablonka» Center in Kaliningrad began an active search for new friends, sponsors and supporters who might want to help children in Kaliningrad. We hope that we will be successful in our search and that will find new friends and supporters.

Something else to the changes in «Yablonka»: As some of you have noticed we also have the Latin spelling of our name — from Jablonka to Yablonka. This is a sign that we are no longer the Lutheran project but a different organization with the same goals and the same concept.

The most important thing: The most important thing is that even though we are no longer a Lutheran project and even though we have slightly changed our name, we keep the same concept as before which is to help children who need help.

We continue to provide warm meals and clothes to children in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad Region. We continue to provide a place to sleep and play for children who have no place to go to. We continue to run creativity programs and summer camps as before. We continue to «Yablonka» many of you know.

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