Helga And Carolin Nevermann Are Yablonka’s Friendship Bridge

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This may sound pathetic but we say it anyways — Our hearts beat for children. For those children who — because of different reasons — are in difficult situations in their lives.

For those children who have no food or a place to sleep. For those children who also want to have a future.

Your hearts also beat for children. We know it. Because we see how passionate is your help to Yablonks — be it with encouragement or support.

On this website we have a good tradition by telling about our friends, volunteers, guests and supporters. We believe that good deeds may and need to be made known.

Helga Nevermann was born in 1932 in Königsberg. In 1945 when she was 13, Helga had to take refuge from Königsberg to Wedel. Then there were school, business college, work in the advertisement, marriage to architect Nevermann, work in journalism.

In 1991 for the first time after the long separation from her historical homeland, Helga Nevermann came to Königsberg which now was Kaliningrad. Poverty and herdship of people’s lives touched Helga’s heart. From that visit her heart began to beat with a special love to those on Kaliningrad. In 1993 Helga started working on a project «Königsberg» at the charitable organization «Friendship Bridges» (Freundschaftsbrücke Deutschland e.V.). Today, Helga Nevermann and her daughter Carolin Nevermann are in charge for the charitable work of «Friendship Bridges» in Kaliningrad.

20 years passed since Helga Nevermann began helping those who need help in Kaliningrad — children and adults. During this time Helga andCarolin have visited Kaliningrad over 120 times with charitable actions.

«How good that that we could and still can help,» says Helga Nevermann to Sergey Kivenko, director of «Yablonka» Center.

If you still have doubts or question where or not children in Kaliningrad need help — just ask Helga and Carolin. They know it. If you feel that your hearts beat with a special love for children in need but you don’t know where and how to start helping — ask Helga and Carolin. They know it from their personal experience, and they might help you to decide on how to help.

For all your good words and deed, our dearest Helga and Carolin, we say to you THANK YOU! Or how it would sound in Russian — SPASIBO!


Photo: Olga Gorchichko