We Thank Our Friends From “Missia Kidssmile e.V.” – Help Kids In “Yablonka”, Kaliningrad!

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Today, we would like to share with you a good news! Our friends from the charitable organization « Missia Kidssmile e.V.» expressed a wish to help «Yablonka» Children’s Center with the fundraising in Germany.


Missia Kidssmile is a charitable organization wich runs various social projects, including creating a comfortable environment for orphan children, children with special needs and children who are in difficult life situations in Russia. We have a mutual friend with «Missia Kidssmile e.V.» — it’s the «ProfKo», Agency, also a great long-time friend of «Yablonka».

We often tell you here about our guests who come visit us in Kaliningrad. Every friends’ visit is precious! Guests come to «Yablonka» from Germany and Europe, too. Some come come to sing and dance with us, others come to write poetry with «Yablonka»-kids, others come just to say Hello.

It’s not a secret that «Yablonka» Children’s Center in Kaliningrad needs the financial support to be able to work efficiently. But we also know that it’s now always about money. That’s why we appreciate any kind of help, be it a visit or a donation.

We appreciate everything you have done for «Yablonka» and everything you do to help us! It’s because of you «Yablonka» is now able to continue workingWe also do a variety of activities to stay close to you. We thank you for visiting our website and learning about our life. We are happy when you visit us in Kaliningrad. And we are very glad that Facebook helps us to stay connected through distance.

As you know, we always say that for us there are no bad or good children. We help all children who need help and who are in a difficult situation in their lives. The same goes further: For us, there are no big or small people and there are no distant or close friends. We value all, love all, appreciate all.

You should know that everything we do in «Yablonka» and all the help we are able to provide to children —  it’s all because of you and your support and your hearts burning with love and passion. To all of our helpers and supporters we say a HEARTFELT THANK YOU!

If you would like to know more about our work and find out how you can help, just give us a call or drop us a line! 


For a charitable donation in EURO via «Missia Kidssmile e.V.»

Details of payment: «Charitable donation to Yablonka Kaliningrad»

Bank: Sparkasse Schwarzwald-Baar

Account #: 151000082

BIC-Code: 69450065

IBAN: DE50694500650151000082