We’ve Seen Indians! — Yablonka-Kids Visit «Inca Empire», Kaliningrad

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«Yablonka» is a real family. And like it is in every family, we care for each other, we are happy for our successes, sometime we argue, but most of the time we are happy when we are together. It’s like in every family. Together we play, do our homework, draw, eat, sing, dance and even… go visit Indians!

Our friends from the children’s entertainment center «Inca Empire» in Klainingrad have invited us to visit them. We have accepted the invitation but when we were in the public bus on our way to the Indians we didn’t know what to expect. We tried to understand why Indians have invited us. And we were very much surprised to see that our friends had some awesome plans for us. We played, and played and played some very cool games, and we have met the best Indian ever, her name is Swift-Footed Deer.

We had so much fun with Indians from « Inca Empire»! Now we know how indians greet each other, we know what they do during the day and at night, and we have found… snow!! Well, not real snow, but still 🙂

Thank you, dear Indians! Thank you, Swidt-Footed Deer! Thank you, «Inca Empire»!