We Make The Apple Pie — First «Strudel Fest» In «Yablonka», Kaliningrad

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Do you remember what you thought of when you first heard the name of our Center — «Yablonka» («Apple Tree»)? You probably thought of
apples 🙂 It’s ok. We are all apples in some sense. That’s why we came up with an idea of the « STRUDEL FEST», just to match our « apple nature».

The STRUDEL FEST is a time when together with you, our friends, our volunteers and helpers we make all sorts of yummy goodies out of apples . Let it be our new tradition! And to start this tradition we have made the apple pie while Timur Aliev, the chef and Yablonka-volunteer , helped us. Thank you, Timur!
Watch our cool «movie» about the First Strudel Fest and our apple pie 🙂