Hot Meals For Kids — Yablonka Children’s Center, Kaliningrad

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Hot meals — this is what we have started our work at Yablonka Children’s Center in Kaliningrad in 1995. Then we began providing hot meals to the street children in the city. And if you remember, we have said that we are sometimes still called «kitchen for homeless children».

When we hear someone saying that there are no street children in Kaliningrad anymore, we want to ask this question: Perhaps, there are no street children the way we knew them back then, but perhaps the street children just changed? They might not sleep on the street, but they are still getting not enough attention from their parents or the society.

There are different children coming to Yablonka Center, many of them come during the day just because they know that they find hot meals and can eat (next to anything else they can do in the Center)!

There is no need to say that hot meals are essential to for children’s growing body and their organism in general. The health is built up from in the childhood. And we, the adults, understand that the dry ration is hard to digest, especially if we talk about children. Hot meals are essential! This is why we provide hot meals to our children in Yablonka.

And yes, we are really proud of you! We are proud to know that you — who help us — are not indifferent, that you care and are eager to help! Thank you!