How To Help Yablonka-Children In Kaliningrad If It’s Not With Money?

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We are often asked, is there anything you can do to help «Yablonka» Center in Kaliningrad and its children if it’s not about money? We always say and believe that there are various ways of help, and it’s not necessarily should be a finances.

Here are just few thoughts on how you can help by a non-financial way: We do need clothes and shoes for children, stationary for our computer and accounting word which also needs to be done. We also need products for facility cleaning and clothes washing. Also we need room heaters so that we are ready for the cold weather in autumn and winter.

In this video that we have recorded some time ago you can see that our Yablonka-children sometimes don’t even look like children. These guys are not even 18 y.o but they look almost like adult. These boys came to Yablonka because they know that here they can get warm meals and will be able to change clothes or get their clothes washed.

Sergey Kivenko, director of «Yablonka» Center for minors’ social rehabilitation in Kaliningrad, while talking with these kids has found out where other kids are hiding in city . He has found out the names of the streets where those kids hang out and later that day he went to meet those kids and invite them to Yablonka where they can at least get some warm meals.

Today, we need a washing machine. It can be a simple one but it should be working. It happened so that today we are washing everything by hand or in a tiny washing machine whish is doing its best to manage our large scopes of what needs to be washed — clothes, kitchen towels, bedding. As you know the tiny machine can only do as much washing as it can fit in ti, so the washing becomes and long journey. But we do not complain and hope that very soon the miracle will happen and we will have a washing machine.

There are certainly other needs that we have, too. First of all we will say that our showers and toilet rooms need renovation.

We would like to invite you to come and visit us in «Yablonka» Center in Kaliningrad so that you can see it for yourself how we live, what we do, what we need and to meet our Yablonka-children. We are not too far, we are very close! And we are always happy to see our freinds and welcome guests!

If you have questions, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to write to us ( or give us a call:

Sergey Kivenko, «Yablonka» Center director — Tel.: +7 (981) 4531847, Email:

and if you speak English or German, please feel free to get in touch with our Volunteer Dimitrie Ross — Tel.: +7 (916) 7445932, Email:

Eeverything we do — we do it just because of your help and support, our dear friends! We say a heartfelt THANK YOU!