We’ve come a long way to that!

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We’ve come a long way to that! A long renovation, a search for sponsors and finance, choosing a specialist, and loads of other things are now in the past.

We’ve always known that special children need special activities, the ones that would make them feel at ease and calm. They need the atmosphere where they could talk and learn something new together.

Here it is! The first lesson was given on Saturday. Guided by a teacher, the children mastered watercolour and shading techniques while painting autumn leaves.

Not everyone, however, painted leaves) Yuri decided to paint a friend’s portrait and asked to post it ))

At this get-to-know stage we’ll be painting and learning various techniques. Our future plans? Modelling clay is ahead.

The Come Together project is about leisure activities for special children. Our goal is to help special children from low-income families engage in arts, reveal and develop their talents, feel the sense of belonging, be socially included, and relieve stress.

The project needs a regular financial support, so we invite you to our charity fairs which take place on a last Saturday every month.