Need Help! Please, Respond!

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Our friend Yuri Shestakov needs a wheelchair (adult (45 cm seat), foldable, adjustable backrest) Important! Not for children with cerebral palsy! The Boy studying in a specialized school, attends classes on clay at our center, walks in the yard with his family. Wheelchair for him is only mean of transportation, and a window into life!

Mom, grandma and grandpa care about Yura. Also he has two favorite sisters. The whole family tenderly and carefully takes care of Yura. And now they all need our help!

Wheelchair fallen into disrepair. The brakes do not work, the wheel is completely erased, supports under the legs fall. Movement is limited!
Yuri Shestakov

Yuri ShestakovEvery five years, the government issues a new Wheelchair to Jura. This year it was given, but it is too small and there are no others (unfortunately impossible to attach photo, his mom’s computer broken).

The new Wheelchair is expensive and second hand costs about 60 thousand. The family has no such money! Friends! The big request! Do not stay away!

Maybe someone of acquaintances and friends has a wheelchair left after a grandmother or maybe someone recovered from severe injuries ?!

Let’s help Jura! He’s a nice guy who wants to become a journalist))) Call 8906216 68 88 or e-mail