Young mum needs help

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Ksenia Bubnova – a single mother who recently gave birth to a second boy Rommie.

In early pregnancy Ksenia lost her civilian husband! The young man died.

Today, the young mother was left completely alone. She is an orphan, living in a communal apartment with her two sons – Yarik (2 years) and Roma (1 month).

The benefit is not enough to live on, the debts for the apartment, sometimes nothing to eat! Thanks to the organization the “Wings of help” for assistence with diapers and food during the first days after the hospital.

Thanks to our assistant of the center “Yablonka” we gave Rommiea a good baby buggy.

The Centre assists the mom, but this is enough for a couple of days only! All time they need diapers and baby food !!!

The big request! If you have the opportunity to help Ksenia please write to us .