Svetlana Tchernykh: “Children’s Hands Like Branches”//The Poetry Of Childhood In “Yablonka”, Kaliningrad

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Svetlana Tchernykh, a poetess from Kaliningrad (Russia) has written a beautiful keen poem about children at the «Yablonka» Children’s Center in Kaliningrad.

Svetlana has visited us once in Yablonka with the Russian folk band «Probrezhny» and fell in love with us as much as we fell in live with her. Svetlana, THANK YOU, for your passion, the open heart and love. Come visit us soon again!


Children’s hand like branches
The palms turned up to the sky
Boys and girls, so little,
Hidden in a shelter like Matryoshka dolls
In the heart of Europe, in «Yablonka»

The camp, the comfort, the joy
They sing, they play, they are cute
«Kapitoshki’s», poems, songs.
It’s free and colorful, and rosy
They’re happy like squirrels
They meet you happy and with viands
The tea, the friendshop, strong and eternal
Photogrpaphs, humor, hand made crafts,
Children! Oh, childhood! You are carefree
Here are the kids’ art
And here are the helpful hands of loving grown-ups
Please be a little warmer
Just because of these smiles
You can be stronger, You can help to be strong.

Svetlana Tchernykh