Water Balloons Game “Kapitoshki” Is Fun! – Yablonka Summer Camp 2013

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What is «kapitoshki»? — This is how we call the water balloons. The rules are simple: two teams have to throw a water balloon so that it doesn’t fall on the ground and break.

Well, it just sounds so easy but when you try it you’ll see that it’s easier to break than to catch a «kapitoshki» 🙂 Sometimes we manages it just fine, but other times… at least we had fun! 🙂

This is our summer in «Yablonka» and we just love it!

In these pictures you see that our counselor Julia helps us to follow the rules and as you can see she is also having fun by joining us in the game. And our director, Sergey Kivenko, climbed high on play ground stairs and was probably jealous of us and the «kapitoshki»:)