They Got Married While Helping Children

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Anya, 23, and Pavel, 28, worked together as volunteers in hospitals in Kaliningrad, Russia, and one day they suddenly realised that they can’t live without each other. 

Anya met Pavel online, on a social networking websites. Both were «crazy» about volunteer work. The wedding took place in one of the churches in Kaliningrad. Most of their guests were also volunteers. Volunteers not for the wedding. Volunteers for life.
«Anya and Pavel don’t even know how precious they are!»

Sergey Kivenko, executive director of «Yablonka» Center:

«This couple developed here, in «Yablonka». I think, Anya and Pavel are created for each other. They even look alike! Not to mention their characters, mentality and ideals.»

«Today we speak not enough about the real qualities — honesty, kindness, integrity.»

«I know that both of them are way too shy and will probably say that we shouldn’t be pathetic talking about them as an example of others. Yet I believe that couples like this one are extremely needed today.»


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