Summer camp 2017

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Life in the summer camp for 30 children from low-income families was full of events and meetings. We tried to use all opportunities for interesting, useful communication of children with peers and adults. It was important for us that every child felt really comfortable

 “Dances in Yablonka” — two squads competed among themselves in group dance, prepared suits and props themselves.

 “KVN” — for this game the children were trained from the very beginning of the camp. On the final day, two detachments prepared a real concert: contests, creative numbers, jokes and songs.

In the middle of the shift was organized “KinoDen” for this we used a home cinema, the children enjoyed watching the big screen of the cartoon and all together prepared milkshakes ”

 Every day, children actively participated in sports events and exciting quizzes, which promoted the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Excursions were organized for children:

  • Zoo
  • Information Center for Nuclear Energy

Recreational activities:

  • Rolled on roller
  • Played Laser Strike

To the children in the camp throughout the whole shift came interesting guests who told a lot of new things:

  • Employees of the Information Center for Atomic Energy, revealed the secret of the computer code;
  • Artem Ivashin Participant of show-dancing on TNT, shared with his children his personal victories, details of his life and with his own example proved that there is talent in each of us;
  • Scout Squad “Flounder” showed — who such scouts, together with the guys installed a tent, fired from the bow, passed the cable car;
  • On the day of “HAP” we were visited by volunteers of the “Sober Generation” Foundation, who prepared an interactive chat-game about the harm of smoking, showed video clips and conducted a quiz;
  • The Baltic Council of Veterans.

You can take part in the implementation of a summer day camp for children from low-income and needy families: donate to our account or help in the organization, becoming a volunteer or a partner.