Not Many Have Courage To Say “My Family Is Poor” – “Targeted Help” In “Yablonka”, Kaliningrad, Russia

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On 24 September 2013 we have invited four families to visit us at «Yablonka» Center so that we can give them food baskets we bought with your help, our dear friends. Children from these families come often to «Yablonka» to have hot meals, to do their homework and play with other children. Food baskets for socially challenged families is a part of our program «Targeted Help». 

We were glad that representatives from the City administration of Kaliningrad have joined us to meet these families.

On this photo (below) you see just a grandmother and a mother from one of these families who came to receive food baskets. Other parents were shy to appear on a photo which would mean that they say «we are poor». Not many have the courage to say that «My family is poor». We understand and never force parents to smile on camera or even be in the picture for that matter.

As the summer came to an end, we notice — and this is not a statistics but our simple observation — that more and more children come to «Yablonka» and more and more families turn to us asking for any kind of help.

We thank all of you for your support! And a special Thank you we say on behalf of these four families who went home with grociery bags full of food!

If you feel like you want to help — don’t be afraid of this feeling! Help! And don’t hesitate to email or call us with any questions you have!