Yablonka Checkers Olympics 2014 — Support Our Team Yablonka-Kaliningrad!

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On February 20th, 2014 the Yablonka Cherckers Olympics took place in Yablonka , Kaliningrad (Russia). All Yablonka kids took it very serious and all felt

responsible for this very important tournament. While we watched the curling broadcast from the Sochi Olympics, we had our  very own games ready to start!

This is Dennis, he is the most promising checkers player at the Yablonka Checkers Olympics this year. Dennis wins always. Well, almost always!


Here are Nikita (left) and Dmitry (right), both are very brave. They played against each other, both were competing against Dennis and everybody else. Just the song goes — «the winner takes it all». Today it was Dmitry’s day and perhaps his turn to take it all. Dmitry was winning a lot.

Here it is! The clay checkers our kids made by themselves!


Sometimes we felt the Sochi presence in the room. Curling girls were watching us very closely!!


Oh, yes, we also have our own girls’ team. The Yablonka diversity!


When you watch the Olympic broadcast sometimes you have to also watch the commercials. Well, we don’t have a commercial for you. But you most certainly can watch our cat.


These two were asked by our correspondent Masha how are they doing and how the game is going. No answer. There were so involved with the game so that they didn’t notice our correspondent. Oh well. We still can see that the game is going well and the the game is taking place on the checkers’ board we have made!




You might think that Dennis is the winner and the champion? Well, yes and no. He is the champ but not of the Yablonka Checkers  Olympics 2014. This year’s champion is Xenia!! She is that beautiful girl with the dark long hair on this photo. Dennis has the Silver, and the BRonze is… vacant!





We supported our Yablonka Team. And what team have you cheered up? Do you want to join our Yablonka Olympics? Come on!